To encounter a golden eagle is one of the rarest and most rewarding experiences in nature. Once threatened with extinction, this largest of our predatory birds is now increasing in numbers throughout North America -- from the deserts of the Southwest to the mountains of Alaska. It is the symbol of wilderness and the spirit of freedom.

The photograph "Golden Eagle" was taken by John Eveland along a canyon rim in southern Utah. While scouting the canyonlands for eagles, John sighted an eagle that surveyed the sagebrush plain from a favorite lofty crag.

A 30-inch 1000mm lens mounted on a sturdy surveyors tripod added nearly 60 pounds to the equipment that was packed up the face of the canyon and set along the rim -- about 40 yards from the eagle's rocky perch. However, because of the great bird's caution of man, for three days the eagle abandoned its aerie and remained but a distant vision -- skimming the plains for prey, soaring nearly out-of-sight on thermal updrafts, and observing the intruder from a far off crag.

Then, late in the afternoon of the third day, this greatest of raptors circled overhead, glided silently on seven-foot wings, and landed before the artist on its rocky ledge. With the sunset casting golden rays across its folded wings, John patiently waited for the fitting regal pose before taking his first photograph -- and titled the moment "Golden Eagle".

To protect the integrity of the issue, "Golden Eagle" is limited to an original photograph that is individually printed in the darkroom on the finest quality of professional paper. It is not a lithograph. Each edition is personally hand-signed by the artist. This exclusive issue is only made available as a select offering directly by the artist and American Landscape Gallery.

"Golden Eagle" is offered fully matted and framed. Each approximately 14x20 inch photograph is permanently dry-mounted, triple matted in museum quality sable and gold color tones, and elegantly finished in a fine-grained, antiqued, colonial-style hardwood frame with brass corners. The complete piece is protected behind glass and is ready for hanging. It measures roughly 27 x 33 inches. (As options, each piece is also available unframed with dry-mounting and triple matting, or as a print-only option.)

Two Separate Matting Alternatives
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Original Museum Matting

Archival Suede Matting

"Golden Eagle" is an elegant focal point to any home or office that boldly depicts the nobility of this most majestic of birds -- portraying the honor, strength, and integrity of America. It is an award-winning piece at both regional and national levels, and has been requested for The White House, congressmen, U.S. Department of Defense, foreign dignitaries, The Smithsonian Institution, Native Americans, universities, corporate executives, collectors of art, and discerning individuals and families. The special bold and noble pose -- accented with the brilliant natural lighting of the Utah sunset -- and the prestigious selection of matting and frame, make "Golden Eagle" a spectacular depiction of art and the creative spirit that John Eveland could not again achieve in a lifetime. Whether displayed in the home, in the office, or presented as an executive gift, "Golden Eagle" will remain a proud and lasting artistic treasure and family heirloom.