John Evelandí s work has been proudly displayed for about twenty years in homes and offices throughout America. The test of quality and customer appreciation is reflected in the number of continuing orders to repeat customers -- individuals, families, collectors, and companies -- who continue to purchase Johnís work year after year. John often smiles with pride when people tell him that they have designated rooms in their homes and offices as "The John Eveland Gallery".

John has categorized his work (depending upon size) as Ďexhibit piecesí or as "accent pieces". Exhibit pieces are offered in larger sizes that can stand alone as focal points in any home or office. Accent pieces are designed to either stand alone or in groupings as artistic accents to enhance existing decors. In addition to standard purchase for home or office display, Johnís photographs are popular gifts for holidays and special occasions. His work is regularly used as executive and corporate gifts, and has been used by universities and industries as promotional offerings and at awards ceremonies. Whether you choose to keep Johnís work in your home, to share it with others at the office, or to give the photographs to family, friends, or business associates as exclusive gifts, we unconditionally guarantee your complete satisfaction.